Tomorr (Ita): Folk doom metal

Tomorr (Ita): Folk doom metal

  • Kraj:Bistrica ob Sotli
  • Lokacija:Klub Metulj
  • Kdaj:20.00 – 00.00

Tomorr are an italian power trio based in Empoli (Florence), playing “rural doom” metal inspired by sabbatthian stoner doom and Albanian folklore.

Tomorr take their name from the mountain sacred to the Bektashis, overlooking Berat (Albania), the city of 1001 windows. The trio, formed in 2017, defines its sound as rural doom, taking inspiration from the Albanian traditional folk music in its rhythmic intensity and storytelling of old legends and mythology in Albanian language, integrating it with the harsher and rougher language of Sabbatthian doom.

Their debut album, the self-titled “Tomorr,” was released in 2020 by Acid Cosmonaut Records and is available for listening on all major platforms.