NKC / SundayNoise : MoE (Nor) & Moon Relay (Nor)

NKC / SundayNoise : MoE (Nor) & Moon Relay (Nor)

Kako že pravijo tam na drugi strani: “Fuck Yeah!” Še ena odlična zasedba, ki je pustila pomemben pečat na odru Kluba Metulj – MoE iz norveške nam tokrat pripeljejo še ene posebneže, ki jih ne gre zamuditi – Moon Relay.

Moon Relay is a four piece orchestra from Oslo, Norway. Equally effective in the collective ecstacy of concerts as in solitary contemplation, they come across as raw, alluring and otherworldy.
The band speaks to the audience the same way Joe Meek’s The Tornadoes pioneered the pop space age and Louis and Bebe Barron introduced unseen worlds in the Forbidden Planet. Both years before the krauts swung rock music back to Jahr Null.
The band draws inspiration from the visions of the future in science fiction and detective stories, of the imagined qualities of outer space when no human had yet been there. While improvisation is central to the musicians of Moon Relay, their music comes across as utterly focused, as if it was composed by necessity, following a recipe holding the hidden laws of music. The listener is forgiven if visions of the universe as clockwork manifest itself while listening.

Daniel Meyer Grønvold : guitar
​Håvard Volden : guitar
Ola Høyer : bass
Martin Smådal Larsen : drums,percussion



MoE @ Klub Metulj 2013 by Tomo Vrešak






Noise Rock from the north.
The Norwegian band MoE is known for mixing their minimalistic compositions with alternative and experimental approaches that fails to fit in the rock genre. With countless collaborations exceeding the borders of rock and noise, MoE seeks the absolute presence in the execution of the music. Loud and violently, they molest their instruments and bring the listener closer to a healthy insanity.
Their recent activity includes touring in Mexico, Japan, Europe and South East Asia, seeking new collaborations with experimental scenes all over the planet to expand the music. MoE continues working in an unpredictable, noisy and dark landscape, with a broad musical hunger. Countless artists and bands have made a big impact on their musical lives. But first and foremost it’s the life of alternative music that provides the passion of MoE.
September 19th MoE releases their third album simply called 3. The cover design with mummies from Guanajuato pays tribute to Mexico and the people they met on their previous tour in May 2013. MoE has released “Lies” (7′′, 2009), “It Pictures”(LP, 2011), and “Left to swallow” (12′′ one sided LP single, 2012). MoE/The Observatory split single, ”David Yow” seven inch and the album “Oslo Janus”
Håvard Skaset – Guitar
Joakim Heibø – Drums
Guro Skumsnes Moe – bass and vocal



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