Bistrica ob Sotli is known for its vibrant cultural scene. The amateur cultural activities are taking place for decades, but in the last 15 years, youth (sub)cultural scene emerged.

This started in a ‘Klub Metulj’ (Club Butterfly), and was later legalized as the Bistrica ob Sotli Youth Association (MDBS). Simultaneously, the first rock bands started playing.

Trough the years, ruff beginnings changed to sophisticated musical expressions, as some of the bands gained national recognition and some of the musicians turned professional and started to play other genres (jazz, folk, world, improvised music…).

In the other hand, in 2008 MDBS started to successfully draw European funds (while gaining continuous support of the Bistrica ob Sotli municipality and of the Slovene Office for the Youth). That meant widening the initial frame of activities and becoming a provider of other contents such as workshops, lectures, discussions, international exchanges and projects etc. It also meant connecting with other similar organizations from Slovenia and other countries.

Nowadays, MDBS is a very active youth organization. There are more than 170 events and activities every year including exchange projects, round tables, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, outdoor activities and much more.

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